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Serene Poh
Serene Poh
Serene Poh
Serene Poh


Contact: +65 9742 7123


Certified Golf Instructor


William Van Haute, Contract and Commercial Manager of Contract & Commercial Management Services Ltd

In 2003, during my stay in Thailand, I took beginners lessons with a so called “professional teacher” and was convinced that after 10 hours of struggling, I would be able to play golf.


Reality however was proof of the opposite and arriving in Singapore middle 2007 gave me the opportunity to (besides working) also review my position on where I would like to see myself among other amateur golfers.


The conclusion was fast drawn that I needed help and this time I was determined that a real professional should take me by the hand. That is why beginning of November 2007, Serene came into the spotlight. A little shocked and surprised that a “woman” was going to coach me, I started off with the lessons but quickly after I had to admit that my judgment regarding a “woman” coaching me was

completely wrong.


I am now nearly 8 months further and do not recognize myself anymore. I even obtained my handicap. It is amazing what Serene did during these 8 months.


She turned bad habits into a new acceptable style, suitable for me and my age. Unfortunately, one can not forget that one is getting older and is not as flexible anymore as 30 years ago.


What I appreciate most in Serene (beside so many other qualities) is her patience she is having … she is having the ability to adapt her way of working and to present it “tailor made” and never gets tired to repeat and repeat over and over again.


The relationship “student – teacher” is not really existing anymore which makes “getting coached” by Serene every session an interacting of people having the same target i.e., enjoying the game of

golf and teaching how to enjoy the game of golf. Of course Serene (as all human beings) definitely has her weaknesses but this I leave for all other individual who will be coached by her to explore. I also did.

Linda Tan, Operations Manager National University of Singapore

I took beginner lessons with a group of friends from Serene two and a half years ago. Half a year later, I obtained my handicap (36) and have been actively playing on the course and in ladies opens ever since. I think Serene really stands out as a pro in 3 areas.


Rarely in a group does she get students of equal abilities. Although she has to give each student equal attention, she lets no one get too far behind the rest by tailoring her teaching to each student and selecting suitable clubs for their practice. She understands certain students have limited time for practice due to their working and travel schedules, and would advise specific DIY drills according to the student's weaknesses.

Owing to her many years of amateur experience, Serene is a master strategist and a creative shotmaker on the course. She taught me how to lower my scores even when my ball hitting was bad. I lost control over my driver last year and was wondering how I could play well in the Warren Ladies Open which was coming up. Serene lent me her 3-wood, gave me some course management tips and I won the C Division.


I think no matter how talented a teacher you are, you’ve got to be able to convey the idea and get it translated into action. Serene did not only that, she inspired me to want to play my game better and better. I remembered playing lousy in the first 9 holes of the Sembawang Ladies Open last year. Through a few SMS exchanges, Serene boosted my morale and helped me sailed through the 2nd 9 and capture the C Division trophy. Without Serene's coaching and encouragement, I would never have played any tournaments and could have taken a decade to reach my current handicap index of 25.


Her weakness? She has limited tolerance for poor attitude.

Dionne Lai, Real Estate Broker of Mandate Real Estate Pte Ltd

Serene is definitely a professional when it comes to coaching golf.  She drills down on the fundamental techniques to make sure that we will have a strong base to start with and build upon.  If there have been any bad habits which have been picked up previously, she is sharp to point it out and gives sound advice so that we can practise on our own time and improve upon each technique.  In addition, she understands that we are usually busy with our work and hence dispenses very practical advice on ways to improve on our game which we can comfortably fit into our schedules.
I like Serene's style as it is very personal and warm.  She truly wants you to improve and will go out of her way to make sure that each lesson is fruitful and ends with you being better.

Being coached by Serene has been very enjoyable and rewarding.  I have and will definitely recommend her to my friends!


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National Representation

Queen Sirikit Cup

India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Canada - Vancouver.

SEA -South East Asian Game

1987 – Indonesia , Jakarta ( Bronze )

1989 – Malaysia , KL ( Bronze )

1991 – Philippines , Manila ( Silver )

Over-Seas Achievements

1986 - Thailand Open (Team Winner)

1987 - Malga  Open  (Team Winner)

1988 - Malga  Open  (Team Winner)

1989 - Subang  Ladies Open  (Winner)

1992 - Hong Kong Ladies Open  (2nd Runner-Up)

1993 - Taiwan Ladies Open ( 3rd Runer –Up)

1992/1996 - Johor Ladies Open  (Winner)

1997 - Sri Lanka Open  (Winner)

1994 - Perak Ladies Open (Winner)

1994 - 25th Silver Jubilee MIRI Ladies Open (Winner)

1995 - The Rover Golf ChampionShip (Winner)

1995 - The Yokohama Golf Championship (Winner)

1995 - Indah Puri PGA 95 (Winner)

1998 - Thailand Ladies Open ( 3rd Runer-up )

1998 - Dubai Emirates Ladies Open (2nd Runner-Up)

2001 - Dubai Abu Dahbi Ladies Open (2nd Runner-Up)


1988 to 1996, 2001  Seletar Ladies Open  (Winner)

1989 to 1999, 2001  Sembawang Ladies Club Chapionship (Winner)

1988, 1990, 1993, 1995  Jurong Ladies Open (Winner)

1994 to 1997  Raffles Ladies Open (Winner)

1990 to 1992, 1996 to 1999, 2001  Keppel Ladies Open (Winner)

1990, 1994, 1996, 1999 to 2001  Changi Ladies Open (Winner)

1993 to 1994 Warren Ladies Open (Winner)

1995, 1997, 1999  Laguna Ladies Open (Winner)

1989 - Sentosa  Ladies Open ( Winner )

1996 - TMCC Ladies Open (Winner)

1999 - SICC Ladies Open (Winner)

2000 - OCC Ladies Open (Winner)

1995 - Sembawang Ladies Open (Winner)

  • 1999 – Obtained Certified Golf Teaching Professional Certificate from US Golf Teachers Federation in Las Vegas, United State.

  • Attended the David Milne Coaching System – Program 1.

  • Attended a Get Fit for Golf Level 1 Course – Conducted by Ramsay McMaster.


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