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Poh Eng Wah
Poh Eng Wah
Poh Eng Wah
Poh Eng Wah


Contact: +65 9752 1398 


Member of Singapore Professional Golf Association


Kenneth Tay, Professional Photographer

A friend of mine brought me to Queens as it is located near my office and I was pleasantly surprised. Comparing it with other ranges, I found Queens the most well maintained as it is clean with good quality mats and balls.


I realised after practising for some time that as I went along, I needed to improve. I was desperate for a coach and would always try to practise near one while he is teaching to try to listen in just to find out how well he delivered his lessons.


I overheard Eng Wah conducting some lessons and felt that he was able to get the message across to his students. I had this gut feeling that he would be able to help me with my game. Eng Wah proved his competency and was very articulate in the techinical aspects.


The short game lessons were particularly useful and it helped to take about 10 strokes off my score. My 90 degree hooks were cured in 2 lessons and I was really pleased. What I can say is... I have not regrets.

With all the friendly staff at Queens and the convenience of the other services offered like golf bookings for Tering Bay to name a few, I enjoy my visits each time I'm there.

Beh Kok Fong

I got to know about the Queen's Academy through the website. Before I signed up for the course, I did check out a few other academies in Singapore but found the rates at Queens more reasonable and affordable. Hearing about the Poh Brothers from my boss also left me a positive impression.


I started the tee-to-green programme with my pro, Poh Eng Wah who was very meticulous in his explanations and always followed them by practical sample "swings" to ensure his students fully understand before they try them out themselves. He is also very patient and does not mind to take extra effort to repeat his explanations. His greatest strength is his patience and the spirit of never give up. He is very approachable and always encourages his students to do better no matter how 'badly' we hit the ball.


I enjoyed the lessons very much that I always felt that the time flew so fast. At the end of each lesson, I would always look forward to the following one because from each lesson I could feel that I was improving. This really encouraged me and worked as a driving force for me to do much better and love golf in general. I got more than I expected for the lessons as I was surprised the video analysis came as part of the package. With my swing recorded, my pro explained my faults and how to cure them so that I can hit the ball more accurately. The PC test on the golf course where I had the chance to play 9-holes was the most enjoyable as it was my first time on an actual course.


A valuable lesson I learnt is discipline (time), determination (to practice regularly), and practise makes perfect. My pro is a very time conscious person. He is never late for his lessons and in fact, he is always early. I still remember that I was late for my 1st and 2nd lesson and felt so bad for letting my pro wait for me. However, Eng Wah is a very patient person but he did tell me that time discipline is very important especially when we play on the course as we need to get ready at the tee box much earlier.

Being a student at Queens is also not just about taking golf lessons. I have participated twice in the Queen's Student Challenge, an event organised specially to provide students with the opportunity to play 18-holes on the actual course to gain exposure. Besides that, it serves as a very good platform for the Queen's students to get to know each other for networking purposes.


I have since signed up and completed the 4 session refresher course and am looking forward to signing up for an 18-hole course management programme to help improve my score. From time to time, I will continue to take up further lessons in my bid to play better golf.

In short, my pro is the best. He is patient, meticulous, experienced, friendly and most importantly very approachable. I have and will continue to introduce my friends to him without a doubt.

Ian Cheung, Swimming Coach

Before starting my golf lessons at Queens, my golfing performance had been inconsistent and advices from avid golfer friends did not improve my swing techniques despite regular practices. Considering the close proximity of Queens and my friend's recommendation, I signed up for the 4 session refresher programme with Eng Wah.


Thanks to Eng Wah's systematic and patient guidance, I learnt more about the mechanics of the swing. His ability to clearly explain the required corrections during the lessons enabled me to get the correct  feel of the swing very quickly. I find Eng Wah's explanation on the action and reaction of the swing in relation to the ball flight most valuable, I've learnt how to watch the ball flight of each stroke and correct my swings thereafter.


I recently participated in the Pro-Student Friendly Game organised by the academy, it was very encouraging to have the pros on the course with us and definitely a great opportunity to break the ice between fellow students of Queens.


The tremendous improvement I made after taking the lessons was clearly evident in this game which surpassed my expectations. I am glad I took up the lessons from Eng Wah, it is important to get proper guidance from the pro to enjoy the game more and improve one's swing with less frustration.

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  • Turned Professional since 1985.

  • 2000 ~ 2006 – Ranked Top 3 in the Singapore PGA Order of Merit.

  • 2007 ~ 2014 – Ranked Top 10 in the SPGA Order of Merit for over 10 years

  • Attended the Personal Development Program  for Professionals.

  • Attended the David Milne Coaching System – Program 1.

  • Attended a Get Fit for Golf Level 1 Course conducted by Ramsay McMaster.

National Representation

  • Asian Tour player from 1996 to 2006 & 2009.

  • Asian Nations Cup in 2000, 2003 and 2004 – Rank 4th in 2000.

  • 2006 – Participated in Barclay's Singapore Open.

  • 2013 & 2014 – Member of the Singapore Team in the Prudential Causeway Trophy.

  • 1995 – Winner of Evergreen Group Golf Championship.

  • 2000 – Winner of Business Times Invitational.

  • 2001 ~ 2006 – Winner of several SPGA Circuit events.

  • 2013 – Winner of the Yinli HongKong PGA  Invitational.

  • 1991 – JAL Championship, 3rd.

  • 1995 – Indah Puri PGA, 4th.

  • 1996 – Emirates Golf Championship, 3rd.

  • 1998 – PGA Golf Championship, 3rd.

  • 2000 – SIA Priority Golf Mandarin Oriental Open, Tied – 4th.


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