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Emma Poh
Emma Poh
Emma Poh
Emma Poh


Contact: +65 9637 4969


Certified Golf Instructor


Sharel Ho

mma has been a wonderful golf instructor and added a lot of values to my learning progress!  Playjng golf has been my passion but I do not have much knowledge and skills about the game.  Emma has been very patience and passionate in coaching me, imparting her knowledge and skills to me making my learning experience fun, enjoyable and fruitful!  


I truly enjoyed my lessons with Emma, which were filled with laughters, joyous and great memories.....  Thank you Emma😘!

Dawn Ang and Andrew

Lessons were structured and well planned. Emma was humble in her teachings and would proactively point out areas of improvement, helping us to achieve the most out of each lesson. Sessions were light-hearted and fun.

Cai Shan, Spencer, Erwin and Terence

we thoroughly enjoy our golf lessons with emma! she teaches us the basic fundamentals of golf from the techincal aspects of the swings and also the proper etiquettes to observe during the golf games.


More importantly, she makes the game more enjoyable with her ability to encourage us during the tough times especially with her lighthearted humour

Gregory Chan, Banker

Queens' convenient location for my practice sessions was the first attraction. Through a mutual friend, I was introduced to pro coach Emma as I was looking for refresher sessions.

My experience with Emma can only be described as superlative compared to my previous coach experience some 2 years' back when I first took up golf. First impressions were important; Emma came across as approachable, warm, and importantly, looks like a golf pro! At the start of the first lesson, Emma was firm in establishing that I must be prepared to get rid of old habits but at the same time was most patiently encouraging in explaining my wrongs and repeatedly demonstrating and correcting the bad habits. On hindsight, without saying it, she was in fact, reiterating the importance of what was the goal for the refresher sessions … on whether I was serious or not.


Yet another characteristic that stands out is her passion to making sure that lesson objectives are met and to Emma, there is no such thing as stopping lessons promptly as continuing beyond official hours appears to be the norm, if she does not have another lesson. I had observed that this is generally the case when she coaches her other students too. Flexible and accommodating in scheduling of lessons, are also valuable customer experience traits exhibited by Emma.

I applaud Queens for having a knowledgeable, warm coach who is passionately believes in imparting her skills in a firm yet motivating and encouraging manner. As I was most impressed with her, I had the confidence to recommend her to 2 corporations so far. And as a direct testimony of the quality of her coaching, for my first game after the refresher sessions, I improved 10 strokes from my average score!

Thank you Emma for making golf an even more beautiful game!

Lam Choon Mui, Karen Banker

Emma has been both my friend and coach, and it is through her that I came to know Queens and the wide range of courses it offers. It is also through her that I have gathered enough courage to pursue a sport which I do not have a natural aptitude for, but inspired purely by her passion for the sport and her willingness to impart. Till this date, I have no regret taking the first step to sign up for her lessons. Searching for another golf academy would be redundant as my choice was obvious.


Emma is a dedicated coach and is firm with her students. Apart from getting the swing right, Emma puts great emphasis on golf etiquette, which is the essence of golf - it is about being considerate and professional at all times. One consistent behaviour I observed of Emma is that she is never in a hurry when she coaches – she takes pain to explain and demonstrate, and is willing to put in extra hours to help me overcome my bad habits. She also spends time analyzing my swing so that she can deal with the specific areas for improvement. Another observation is that she is smartly dressed at all times, which reflects her professionalism.


Apart from scheduled lessons, Emma also connected me to a wider group of golfing friends so I build new friendships as well. It is this holistic approach which she takes that prompted me to refer my friends to her (including the Recreational Club of a Bank), because she is not only able to help golfers who need some pointers but also beginners who have no inkling about the sport.

So thumbs up to coach Emma for her passion and commitment!

Natasha Goh Relationship Manager, Consumer Banking

Emma is very detailed in helping me correct my mistakes. I actually struggled with just the 7-iron for a week, taking 3 lessons under another instructor, but during my first lesson with Emma she was able to teach me how to use all the shorter irons from 7-iron down!


I think the important thing was that Emma made it very fun for me. I think it's essential that a good golf instructor is able to impart not only the skills and knowledge, but also transfer passion and enthusiasm for the game itself. Cos golf isn't just a manual skill you pick up from going for lessons, it's about having the motivation and continued interest to carry on practicing on our own and playing the game with friends that we can really experience the game properly.


Her gentle spirit puts you at ease, knowing that as long as you respect the game and put in effort, she won't make you feel belittled if you don't "get it" right away. I think this is important for beginners like myself because we're bound to face a lot of difficulties and problems when first picking up golf, so a good instructor must be able to keep the student thinking positively and not make them lose confidence. I paid about $800 for 10 lessons quite some time ago and it was worth it.


I have highly recommend friends to Emma. In fact, 6 of my friends have already been through their beginners' course with her!

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  • 1999 – Obtained Certified Golf Teaching Professional Certificate from US Golf Teachers Federation in Las Vegas, United State.

  • Attended the David Milne Coaching System – Program 1.

  • Attended a Get Fit for Golf Level 1 Course – Conducted by Ramsay McMaster.

National Representation

Oversea Achievements

  • 1995 – Johor Ladies Amateur Open, Runner up.

  • 1995 – 18th Indonesia Ladies Amateur Open, Runner up.

  • 1995 – The Yokohama Golf Championship (Woman Amateur Division), Runner up.

  • 1995 – Indah Puri PGA 95 (Woman Amateur Division), Runner up.

  • 1998 – 23rd Ladies Open Amateur Golf Championship of Hong Kong, Runner up 3rd.

  • 1998 – 11th Thailand Ladies Amateur Open Golf Championship, Runner up 6th.

  • 1995 – Queen Sirikit Cup in Tokyo, Japan.

  • 1997 – South East Asian Game in Jakarta.

  • 1999 – South East Asian Game in Brunei.

Oversea Achievements

  • 1995 – Club Championship in Sembawang Country Club.

  • 1996 – Keppel Ladies Open.

  • 1996 – Warren Ladies Open.

  • 1997 – Warren Ladies Open.

  • 1997 – Laguna National Community Open Championship.

  • 1998 – Raffles Ladies Charity Open.

  • 1999 – Tanah Merah CC Ladies Open.

  • 2002 – Sembawang Ladies Open.

  • 2003 – Club Championship in Sembawang Country Club.


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