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Poh Eng Wah
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Poh Eng Wah

Dalston Koh

Contact: +65 8717 1714


Certified Golf Instructor


  • Member of the Singapore Professional Golf Association

  • USGTF & WGTF qualified Teaching Professional

  • Numerous local tournament Champion

  • 2014 – Hong Kong Opening 2014, Qualifying

  • 2014 – Mount Fuji Open 2014, Qualifying

  • 2013 – SGA Golf Alliance Team A Player

  • 2013 – Head Coach, Eton House International

  • 2012 – Represented SAF ( RSAF ) 2012, Champion

  • 2012 to 2014 – Kindergolf Head Out-door Coach

  • Aim-Point Level 2

  • Titleist Performance Instituted Level 1

  • SGA/ R&A level 1


Student: Ethan Lim | Parents: Julia Yeo

Dalston is great with children. He knows how to motivate them and get them interested. He demonstrates genuine interests in the children and is more than just a coach.

Student: Jaydon Lim | Parents: Alvyn Lim

Coach Dalston is very patient in giving advices to correct student’s mistakes. Appreciate his candidness on what is right and what is wrong. He also has his ways around younger kids.

Student: Mildred Elan Michael | Parents: Susan Quek / Manager

Mildred has been learning golf with Dalston for the past 2½ years. She has improved her golf over time and I am happy with her progress. Dalston is a strict and professional teacher. He has good knowledge and tries his best to impact and guides Mildred. He has good chemistry with kids. I will certainly recommend students to him if I’ve friends who are keen to learn golf.

Abhishek Pandey, Banker

Coach Dalston has been coaching my son, friends for over a year and we love to stick with him as he has been a great teacher! He has taught my son how to play and also how to compete in tournament. I did not know golf at all and now can go on course with confidence. So thanks coach Dalston!

Student: Nicholas Goi | Parents: Kenneth Goi

There’s not many golfing coach that make an effort to engage with kids. Dalston is one of the few, that’s has shown professionalism & patience towards my kid. Under his coaching, I have witnessed the improvement and interest of the game in my kid. My kid enjoys your informal and fun approach teaching which has given him all the confidence to play golf.


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